Consulting on technical theatre systems

Whether working in partnership with a theatre / acoustic consultant, or advising a client on current technical specifications for performance spaces, ARG has the ability to help you to ensure that the technical systems within your newly built or refurbished venue are fit for purpose and future proof.

Expertise based on 17 years of experience of lighting, sound, AV and stage technologies

Every day, the ARG team amasses further knowledge and experience of the very latest in entertainment technologies. Working in a multitude of venues across the Middle East and further afield, ARG can advise on which lighting and sound equipment would work best for your own venue.

Bringing sound and lighting system excellence to all sectors and venues

ARG doesn’t solely work within performing arts spaces. We can offer advice and guidance on sound, lighting and AV systems in a host of other venues including, hotels, nightclubs, village halls and tourist attractions.
In a nutshell, if there is a requirement for a lighting, sound or AV system, ARG can help.

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